Bolder Sisters Get Dirty Too, Especially For A Great Cause


Our desire for change, a positive impact, and the ability to boldly face our challenges, should be greater than our fears. As women, we have a responsibility. We are raising families, running businesses, and achieving immeasurable success in our personal development. In order to maintain each of those titles, we must be healthy and take care of our one and only body. Scheduling regular check ups and supporting organizations and events that support our issues, helps us accomplish that goal.  That’s why the Dirty Girl Mud Run has me so pumped.

Whenever there is an opportunity to stand up, be strong, and step outside our comfort zones, I always jump at the chance to share. I love different. In fact, I seek it. 

The Dirty Girl Mud Run, the World’s Largest Women’s Only Mud Run,  is coming to a city near you and I am excited to help spread the word. This women only mud run is partnered with the breast cancer prevention & education organization, Bright Pink.  I believe it was definitely created with a bolder sister in mind. The Dirty Girl Mud Run is for fearless women, like us, to come together for a day of dirty fun, conquering tough obstacles. It is a celebration of life that empowers women to overcome fears and take on challenges with the support of other bolder women.


This is a perfect day and moment for all my bolder sisters to have fun, get dirty and face a few of those fears. Signing up is easy but taking on this challenge is truly badass!

Register today! As a special treat, Bolder Sister readers receive a 10% discount during registration, when you use the discount code BOLDERSISTER. Go to to find out more.

Here are a few details:

What: The Dirty Girl Mud Run

When: June 27th

Where: Sears Centre Arena,

5333 Prairie Stone Pkwy,

Hoffman Estates, IL

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