How to Flirt With Swag

African-American woman getting in building - man looking on herDoes flirting make you nervous? Are you afraid to strike up a conversation with a handsome guy you spot from across the room? If so, don’t fret because you aren’t alone. There are quite a number of women who still get a little shy when it comes to men. The biggest concern is rejection. I get it. Who wants to put themselves out there, only to get turned down?  It makes sense. Some of us are also still traditional in our thinking, waiting to be approached and asked out. Bolder Sisters, I am here to remind you that times have changed. Did you know some men are just as nervous about approaching you as you are about approaching them? Well, it’s time to step even further outside of your comfort zone and do something new.

In order to know how to flirt with swag, we have to know what single men actually find attractive. I took a small poll, and here’s what some single men said about dating, flirting, and what stands out the most:

A woman’s personality usually stands out most. (Translated: be warm and inviting. A man should feel comfortable approaching you).

I like a woman that is up beat and happy with herself. (Translated: ladies you better be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself enough for others to see it too).

Something as simple as a beautiful smile can get a man’s attention. (Translated: men are watching, give them something inviting, a smile draws people to you).

Key words or phrases can open up a great dialog between the two. (Translated: say something a man can connect to).

Showing genuine interest in what a man has to say or engage him in conversation. (Translated: laugh at his jokes if they are funny. Be attentive with your listening, and even ask questions).

Don’t be afraid to ask him out if he’s available. (Translated: look on that ring finger and pay attention to other signs that show he is already committed).

I love a classy woman that carries herself well. (Translated: make sure your clothes fit your shape nicely).

She definitely does not have to show me everything to get my attention. (Translated: ladies, men don’t need a peep show. Leave something to the imagination. You can be sexy and classy without revealing too much). 

Bolder Sisters, boldness can happen in any area of your life; career, personal development and yes, relationships. It’s time to date with boldness and swag. You got it in you, now it’s time for others to see it.

Bolder Sisters, what are some other tips for dating with swag?

One thought on “How to Flirt With Swag

  1. Oh yes, flirting is scary BUT I sometimes would try to find a ‘related’ phrase or comment to make (gas prices at the gas station, food prices in fast food restaurant or grocery stores, handyman advice in Menards or Home Depot, etc.) just to see if he would take the coversation further. You’ve got a 50-50 chance so take it!

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