7 Lessons I Learned from Cren

7lifelessonsThis week I was reminded to live for today, truly love on my loved ones and do what I am called to do. My circle experienced a loss this week. A beautiful woman, who was a wife, mother and who was inspiring to me, passed away suddenly. Her passing hit our circle pretty hard as you can imagine. As I will continue to pray for and support the family she left behind, I am comforted by what I learned from her.

1. Always be yourself

2. Treat everyone you meet with care and concern. Basically, be kind

3. Be curious. Ask questions and get to know people

4. Take an interest in others and encourage those you encounter

5. Challenge your children and provide them with opportunities that build their character

6. Be crazy about your spouse and talk about him as such

7. Enjoy the time you are here

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know you Bolder Sister, Cren. Your presence will truly be missed.

Bolder Sisters, I hope these are life lessons that will also bless your life as they have mine. Please keep the Fitzgerald family in your prayers.

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