5 Women To Be Thankful For This Year

Five pair shoes of high heels The end of the year represents family, giving, thoughtfulness, and most importantly, thankfulness. Quite naturally we give thanks to God for our families. Their contributions to our life are obvious. Supportive parents who consistently shower us with unconditional love, a loving spouse who listens and supports, as well as our children who beam with admiration every time we enter the room, are a blessing. Those “thank yous” make sense.  There are, however, other people in our lives who we should thank as well. The holidays are usually all about family, but it’s important we also reach out and say “thank you” to the following 5 women who play a role in our lives:

The First Lady of your church. This woman has a thankless job. Most people don’t realize the sacrifices she makes for the church. She is sometimes last on the totem pole, because her husband is shepherding. She is expected to sacrifice time spent with her husband, and that isn’t always as easy as it seems. A warm gesture of kindness, in the form of a thank you, goes a long way in ensuring she feels appreciated

The bestie. It goes without saying, our best girlfriend always seems to know the right things to say to keep our spirits lifted. She tells us when we’re wrong and supports us on every part of this journey. Highlight specific things she’s done this year, alone, to thank her for.

A woman in your circle who serves her country. We don’t have to wait for Memorial, or Veteran’s Day to roll around to tell women who serve just how much we appreciate them protecting our freedom. Take some time this month, to say thank you.

A woman in business who inspires you. If there are women business owners, supervisors or coworkers who motivate you to pursue your passion, be sure to say thank you. They may not realize the positive impact they have on others. Believe me, it’s good to know that you do.

A teacher or administrator in your child’s school. Educators work long hours and sometimes have to deal with things most of us can’t even imagine. Occasionally with very little thanks. Of course it’s the profession they chose, but even that is a demonstration of their desire to make a difference. Look for the women in your child’s school and make sure to thank them for the sacrifices they make and the impact they have on your children.

The holidays always serve as a reminder to be good to one another. It’s a time of giving and being of service. Being grateful and thanking those who support us in ways we often forget, should actually be year round.

Bolder Sisters, it’s shout out time. Use the comment section to say thank you to the women in your life. 


2 thoughts on “5 Women To Be Thankful For This Year

  1. As you said, other than parents (momma!), my first shout out would go to a bestie (Ms. Bolder Sister herself!)..I’m so proud of where your writing skills are taking you in life. You are a positive role model not just for me but for the young/old, married/single women and mothers that you encounter! A shout out to my girlfriends who double as my “sisters” (I need you all in my life!). Also, a shout out to my sister-in-laws..simply because they love the people I have loved all of my life!

    1. Yo, you know I just adore my bestie! You are my sister, for real. I love how you are always honest, supportive, and encouraging! Thank you my friend.

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