A Recipe for Boldness

Cook book.

It’s extremely easy to proclaim boldness, but not always as simple to execute. Finding ourselves more focused on an imaginary end result rather than being present in the moment and facing our fears is quite common. Most shy people spend the majority of their time worrying. “What if it doesn’t work out as I planned?” or “What if they all laugh at me?” are a couple of those concerns. Although, each appear to be a realistic cause for uneasiness, the likelihood they’ll actually happen is a lot less than one thinks. This world is overflowing with individuals who’ve been successful in business, entrepreneurship, life and relationships. At some point, I am sure, a large majority of them suffered from a little self-doubt. The difference is, the fear was overpowered by the desire for what they wanted to accomplish. Basically, those individuals did what they had to do, and they did it afraid.

Each of us possesses an inner voice that shows up when it’s time to take risks. Choosing to listen and stay stuck or ignoring it and taking action, is up to us. I personally believe there is a recipe for boldness. Fortunately, it’s one of those “Grandma” recipes you can’t find in a cookbook. It includes a pinch of this and a taste of that and it’ll vary based on who’s using it. The recipe works when we decide boldness is the dish we crave.


  • 3 hefty helping of goals, dreams and desires
  • 1 lb. of energy
  • Large bulk of a support system
  • 1 part new attitude
  • 1 part winner’s mentality
  • a Perfect blend of prayer and faith


1. Combining goals, dreams and desires into your life’s purpose is typically the motivation needed to face fear head on, and win! What are your current goals, dreams and desires?

2.  Use energy to prepare and plan for those big moments in life, those risks we discussed above. The more prepared we are, the more confident we feel. Are you prepared to take the risk?

3.  Gather your loved ones, those who love you the most, and share your dreams. This support system will be just what you need when things become a little scary. Who is in your support system?

4. Mix your new attitude with the winner’s mentality and nothing can stop you. Winners expect to win. They practice, plan and believe in their abilities. Do you believe in your abilities?

We can be our own worst enemy whenever we allow fear to block our success. God has an amazing plan for each of our lives. Pressing forward, utilizing this recipe and doing “it” afraid is how we begin to live a life that’s bold and free!

Bolder Sisters, what is your personal recipe for boldness?

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