The “Truth” About Museum Hack

I am a nerd and so I love any opportunity that will keep me cultured and learning about something new. Last weekend I went to the Art Institute of Chicago Museum! I know my geeky sisters will believe me when I say it was fun, collaborative and engaging. But others of you may have some doubts about it, but I promise you it was truly … Continue reading The “Truth” About Museum Hack

A Bold Date Night Idea: Not Your Grandma’s Tour

Bolder Sisters, it’s been a while since we’ve talked about dating. In the past we’ve focused on how to flirt with swag and discussed the type of mate you’ll attract when you don’t love yourself enough. This time I thought we’d  put some thought and energy into something a little bit different; a fun new date night idea. Whether you’re married  or anxiously waiting to … Continue reading A Bold Date Night Idea: Not Your Grandma’s Tour