Hello BOLD!


Hello BOLD is a celebration for women who are ready to conquer shyness and overcome fear. Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, transformative life and love coach, teaches women how to transform from shy to fly with the wisdom she’s received over the years from her own personal journey as well as advice from other successful Bolder Sisters on careers, networking, public speaking, dating, entrepreneurship, happiness and spiritual boldness, to name a few.

Being shy has its limitations, but being BOLD is a choice. Hello BOLD was created to encourage women to make that choice. This confidence guide teaches shy women how to…

  • Own any room you enter
  • Speak up with confidence
  • Stop giving energy to what everyone else thinks about you
  • Step out on faith, completely
  • Love and embrace your body, your hair and everything else about you
  • Live fearlessly in every area of your life

Living a life in fear is not living. It’s time to replace fear with confidence and choose dreams over doubt.

Pre-Order your copy today by clicking here.

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