Women, Lets Love One Another

Women are soft, strong, nurturing, and fierce.  We have a threshold for pain that a man cannot possibly comprehend.  We are vessels of life and givers of unconditional love.  We are totally amazing! Why is it, then, that we have such a hard time loving each other? As Easter approached and we prepared the traditional dinners and purchased those killer outfits (and hats), let us … Continue reading Women, Lets Love One Another

Last Breath (Short Story)

Below is a short story I wrote years ago.  I decided to share it because it’s a story about empowerment and growth. I hope you enjoy it! Samantha looked around the bedroom in frustration.  Everything they owned was strewn on the floor: clothes, shoes, papers—everything.  Feeling demoralized, she stepped over the mess and went to the dresser.  Staring into the mirror, she ran her hand down the … Continue reading Last Breath (Short Story)

Don’t Forget Self in Your Journey

We wear so many ‘hats’ and ‘masks’ as women that it can present a challenge to truly knowing who we really are. The challenges of living day-to-day can easily overshadow our dreams if we are not careful.   I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. I had the misfortune of working for a company that never valued my talents or gifts. And … Continue reading Don’t Forget Self in Your Journey

Raise Our Standards as Women

I’m a little late with this post but because of the incident I experienced the day after Valentine’s Day, I decided to post this because it’s important for us to raise our standards on the dating scene.  Facebook was flooded with pictures of flowers, candy, and “I love you”.  There was also drama due to a few women realizing they were not number one.  Valentine’s … Continue reading Raise Our Standards as Women