Are You BOLD With Your Health and Self-Care?

Hey, hey, hey Bolder Sisters,

I hope life is treating you kind, but more importantly, I hope you are treating you kind.

I loved the last post by Dominique that spoke to loving and dating yourself. It was a powerful reminder of one of the most crucial love affairs we as women should be having. Now, I wanted to take it a step further to remind you that with loving yourself comes taking care of yourself. Are you BOLD with your health and mental care?

I must admit this is an area where I haven’t been as intentional as I should, but I recently made a personal declaration to take better care of my body, my mind, and my relationship with myself.

God has blessed me with a functioning temple, why would I mistreat it or abuse it? Here’s my plan for taking better care of my body:

1. I am finding an accountability partner to help me stay focused on eating right and being physically active. I’ve gotten flabby in some areas and I would like to change that. I am connecting with those who value their temple and are being proactive in making sure it serves them well, consistently.

2. I am waging war against my bad habits. I first have to be honest about what brought that unwanted flab into my life. It’s my unhealthy eating, I actually tend to over eat. I have to know when to pull away from the table and limit my sweet intake. But again, I have to recognize why I do that and create an action plan for when I find myself in that situation again.

3. I am taping into my motivation. I often ask this question to others, but now I have to remind myself of my own answer to it. “What motivates you?” What is my motivation for taking better care of my body? It’s my family. My daughters and their futures, along with my husband, mom and family. I have to be around. I want to see my daughters’ success, I want to meet their future husbands, I want to love on and spoil their children and be called “Me-Maw” or “Granny Ma”, or something cute like that. I won’t be able to do any of that if I am not taking care of my body.

Bolder Sisters, that is my plan. Now, as always, I would love to hear from you, what is your plan for your own self care? Of course you may not struggle with your physical health, but are you taking care of you in all the other necessary ways? Are you having the “me-time” you deserve and do you have an outlet for your stress and disappointment? It’s those things that keep us healthy and whole. Please share your plan below.

Remember, you can’t be BOLD if you aren’t being good to yourself.

3 thoughts on “Are You BOLD With Your Health and Self-Care?

  1. Tiya I hadn’t thought of them as ‘accountability partners’ but I like that! After sharing my body goals for the summer, 2 co-workers have been meeting me at work early for the last month to get a mile walk in and a 3rd co-worker has been monitoring/scolding me on my snacking throughout the day.
    You have great reasons for maintaining your physical and mental health. For me, my parents both suffer from Diabetes and high blood pressure so taking care of myself (although late in age) has become a priority. Also, I’d like to be around to see what type of people my nieces and nephews become!
    Great article and good luck on both of our healthier journeys!

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