In The Room Where it Happens

hamilton-castA couple of months ago my family and I experienced the musical event everyone’s been talking about, Hamilton.

I must say I was thoroughly impressed by the talent and the story itself. As with all the movies, concerts and plays I attend, I’m usually looking for my own personal takeaway. There appears to be a message for me almost every time. Hamilton proved not to be any different.

Although I enjoyed each song performed, there was one in particular that stood out, “In The Room Where it Happens.”

The character, Aaron Burr, performed this one after feeling frustrated by not really knowing the big decisions being made between George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. They had asked him to leave right before they began their big meeting.

That line alone spoke to me because for the majority of my career I haven’t been in the room where it happens. Partly because I really hadn’t earned my seat there.

I’ve already shared my past fears of speaking up. So usually when you don’t have much to contribute you aren’t asked to be in that room.

However, last week I felt as though I was in one of those rooms. I felt like a decision maker, one whose voice mattered. It was amazing. I felt confident and assisted the group in brainstorming the roll out of a new project launch. As I left the room, I kinda sang to myself, that I was kind of in the room where it happens.

I decided, I want more of that. I want to be invited to those rooms more often. However, there are requirements.

  • I must act like I want and deserve to be there.
  • I have to speak up and bring new ideas, prior to being asked.
  • I have to stop just going with flow and seek opportunities for improvements in all areas.
  • I must invite myself to conversations where I have new ideas.
  • I have to be proactive rather than reactive.

Bolder Sisters, I’m ready! How about you? Do you want to be in the room where it happens?

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