Have You Thanked Your Sister Circle Lately?


It’s no easy task to venture into the unknown. It can be even more daunting when doing it alone. I can admit I’ve prayed on many decisions after I made them. Yes, this is arguably the most backwards way to do anything. I do this because I’m the overly analytical type. When I have a major decision to make I’ll try to predict every possible outcome. This makes even the simplest decision seem quite overwhelming. Leap first and worry about the consequences later; thus the need for all the prayer.

A question was posted in one of the many groups I belong to on Facebook. “Why is it that some women do not understand that respect is the minimum that their partner should give them?” Yes, I sang the verse from Lauren Hill’s Doo-Wop (That Thing). Then I answered the question. Conditioning! We as Sisters must remember that not every woman has a mother, sister, aunt, cousin or friend to be that positive influence they’ll need during life’s trials. Among my friends I am also the least emotional. I can’t stand when they make me cry. This never stops them.

The Host then replied to me “Is there a solution.” I jokingly replied “Each one teach one, Simple!” This isn’t a joking matter. So many women fall victim to predatory people; those people who take advantage of others at their weakest moments. It can be a family member, friend or wife/husband. As women it’s our job to reach out to our Sisters when we see the signs of abuse. To not only say we’ll be there in times of crisis, but show them as well

God has successfully surrounded me with an amazing support system. These women are highly intelligent, humorous, loving, strong willed and compassionate beyond measure. I could go on for days about each of them, but not right now. They are my coat of amour. They build me up and protect me from whatever life throws my way. Mostly they protect me from myself.

I’m the friend that gives great advice. I can see everyone else’s problem clearly, but when it comes to my own; I’m as blind as Stevie Wonder. My Sister Circle has consoled me through terrible relationships, poor financial decisions and countless other mishaps over the last twenty years. I can’t fathom where I would be without any one of them.

How will you thank the Sisters in your circle?


There are many adjectives to describe Vonshak Shelby. Compassionate, charming and sarcastic are definitely the top three. She is a Chicago native with southern sensibility.

Her Associates of Applied Sciences degree from Taylor Business Institute, coupled with 14 years of retail management experience have created the perfect backdrop for an aspiring writer/author.

Vonshak believes we’re all a character in someone’s book of life. She hopes her character will inspire you!

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