Poem: Changing Faces

Young woman relaxing outsideIt’s time to step into a new role of model & become the bolder sister that I’m created to be.

When shaped in darkness to be a light and salt the earth with a savory swagger that must put fear to flight. False Evidence Appearing Real hindering me from bringing forth the word to enlighten those in my path with a soothing oil.

Like a balm I hold the power to reach one teach one in the palm of my hand. My voice so eloquent in speech will be heard on every mountaintop & in every valley for a Queen has risen & will go where no woman or man has gone before because with Purpose comes great possibilities to be all that I can be while reserved in the army of my creator, I step in grace.

I am the Bolder Sister Changing Faces to walk in His Will not my own as a living witness with a Testimony of faith in action.

I am the Bolder Sister Changing the Face of what society looks for in a Woman of Substance

preciouscrawfordStrawberrie Lane is a writer on a mission who started NU START P.A.C. in 2010 with a mission to produce success in the areas of Business Consultation, Performing Arts, Event Planning, and Community Outreach. NU START P.A.C. seeks to nurture that zeal to become Successful in every aspect of life. NU START P.A.C. was started because of a desire to give back to the community. NU START P.A.C. stands for New & Unique Start and P.A.C. are Strawberrie’s initials (Precious A. Crawford). She attended Triton Community College in 2000 and received a Certificate in General Office Clerk. She offers Poetry Workshops and works with the youth in the area of Performing Arts within the Rogers Park community in Chicago, Illinois. She is a single parent of two, Aaron Alexander Hill, 17 and Zipporah Ruth Crawford, 10 and enjoys writing poetry and recording it. Strawberrie knows life at times can be very challenging, but because of the direction that God has for her life, she is able to wipe the tears from her eyes, dust her shoulders off and Keep Moving Forward. She is grateful for every opportunity that God brings her way. http://www.nustartpac.com/

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