Well, This Was Something New, And I Liked It!

tiyacunninghamsumtervideoshootBolder Sisters, you know we continue to journey together while challenging ourselves to step further away from the too familiar. Well, last week, I stepped completely outside of my comfort zone and did something new, and I liked it.

You all know I enjoy writing, sharing my story and motivating you, right? Not only do I write for my own blog, I’m also a contributor to other sites as well. My writing allows me to express myself but it also keeps me comfortably hidden behind my laptop.

One of my favorite sites to write for has started a new venture that includes video recordings of experts in the field of relationships. As they started this journey, they reached out to me initially to assist in the creation of the workbook pages that accompany the videos. Of course I jumped on the opportunity because I believed in the project and I enjoy writing. Then all of a sudden, a light bulb went off for me. Why am I just participating in the creation of the workbook pages, when I too considered myself an expert in the field. As you can imagine, the moment I had that thought, my inner-gremlin, Ms. Fearina, shows up and comes up with all of these excuses as to why I should keep quiet. She tells me not to worry about it and not to ask about being considered an expert. She reminded me of how self-conscious I could be and that this would be too big for me, because I would have to be on video and come from behind my safe resting place (the computer). All of these negative thoughts rushed to my mind and kept me quiet for a minute. I then realized, I’ll always be in this same space if I don’t challenge and stretch myself, and pursue what I really want.

Despite all of Ms. Fearina’s attempts to stop me, I reached out to the founders of the site and asked what they looked for in the experts they selected for the videos. I got the information I needed and took it even further by sharing that I also wanted to be considered an expert for the videos.

Fast forward a few months later (last week) and here I am flying out to Atlanta to shoot the video for their project. I am beyond excited to be able to share my expertise with their followers, but I am even more stoked that I asked for what I wanted and followed through.

As I prepared for the video, I was more nervous than ever, which further confirmed I was doing the right thing. I asked God to guide me, and for me to decrease so that He could increase and He did it!

I accomplished another new feat, and it feels amazing. I am more comfortable than I thought, when it comes to asking for what I want. Also, when I’m tackling something big, I think about you. I know we all learn from each other’s lessons on boldness. Hopefully, you’ll learn from mine.

Bolder Sisters, ask for what you want, follow through and be confident as you accomplish the task. Remember to quiet that negative voice and go for it!

Bolder Sisters, in what areas are you afraid to ask for you want and what are you going to do about it?

5 thoughts on “Well, This Was Something New, And I Liked It!

  1. Tiya, that’s awesome! Congrats on moving past ‘Ms. Fearina’. I’ve been fearful to move toward turning my blog into a revenue producing venture….you’re inspirational to me!

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