Our Boldness Has Been Recognized!

Refinery29photoI can’t begin to tell you how amazing it feels to be recognized. Most of us shy girls spend a large portion of our lives hiding, nervous and second guessing everything. It isn’t until you arrive at a space and place where you begin to realize how amazing you are that you become ready for others to take notice. We are grateful and excited that we are getting attention. We are being noticed and applauded for the lives we’re changing. It confirms that the work we’re doing here is necessary. The Bolder Sister blog exists to equip women with the tools needed to be successful in living a life of self-love and confidence, everyday.

We want to thank Refinery29 for acknowledging us and helping to put us on the map. We are forever grateful that you’ve participated in our movement! If you haven’t seen it yet, a couple of months ago The Bolder Sister blog was recognized as one of the…

10 Up-&-Coming Chicago Blogs To Read NOW!

Thank you Refinery29!

Bolder Sisters, why do you think it’s important for us to be recognized?

4 thoughts on “Our Boldness Has Been Recognized!

  1. Congrats on the recognition! I think it’s important to be recognized because it lets us know our work wasn’t in vain. The smallest acknowledgement makes us want to work harder at whatever it is we are trying to accomplish.

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