7 Things You Should Love About Yourself

What normally causes people to fall in love? Personality, a giving nature, support and encouragement are usually the characteristics that draw others right in. People don’t normally fall in love with just anyone. They’re selective. When we do fall in love, we’re easily able to pinpoint the reason. It takes time to build a love relationship with another person. Over time, as we really get to know them, love naturally begins to blossom. It’s as it should be in a healthy partnership, but what about the love relationship with ourselves?

Being a former shy girl, there weren’t always a slew of things I was confident about. I had to learn that I couldn’t completely contribute to another relationship if the one with myself wasn’t powerful. If this sounds familiar, join me in recognizing the inner and outer beauty we all bring. We must first love who we are before we expect anyone else to do the same.

Here are 7 things we should love about ourselves:


A woman’s hair is usually our pride and joy. It’s also the one thing we look to alter when we’re ready to make personal changes. Whether it’s short, long, thick or fine, let’s rock it, embrace it and own it. It’s however God decided it should be and that is reason enough to love it.


Occasionally we can be a little hard on ourselves when thinking of the areas we’d like to improve. Being aware is a positive. It’s important to be in tune with how we show up. What we don’t like we should absolutely seek to change. In order to be bold, we have to be in love with what we have, who we are and face the parts that don’t positively contribute to the person we’d like to become.


Who hasn’t experienced challenges? Our ability as humans to bounce back after trials proves we are stronger than we know. No matter what, strong individuals always keep it moving forward.


Even though we still may be working on this one, keep in mind all of those moments you spoke up or stepped outside of your comfort zone. Feels great doesn’t it? The more we do it, the more natural it will feel. We owe it to ourselves to live boldly, without regret.


It can cause us to feel self-conscious and hold us back. Wherever we are in terms of weight, let’s first accept it. If we don’t like it, there are plenty of resources to assist us in making the change. We must surround ourselves with those that will support and motivate us. In the meantime, love your curves or lack of, your big butt or the flat one, again love it, rock it and own it! Remember, there are so many styles and looks to choose from, every woman has the opportunity to look fabulous.


Our humor, attitude and how we respond in certain situations should draw others toward us. We should love who we are. Again, that which works against who we really want to be has to be deleted.


Who we choose as friends is a prime example of how we feel about ourselves. Our friendships should honor and support us. The people we choose to have in our lives should be those who are able to remind us of just how wonderful we truly are.

It’s time we showered ourselves with the love we deserve. Of course there are other areas we should love, but let’s begin with these 7. Let’s spend this week admiring each of the areas listed above.

Bolder Sisters, please share what you love about yourself in the comments section. 

8 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Love About Yourself

  1. Your words flow seamlessly with your personality. I’m going to embrace loving one thing a day, today is my hair.
    #teamsuccess 😉

  2. I have learned to embrace my extra curves that I have developed over the years. It’s been a slow process, but I see results in my goal to lose the ‘extras’. In the meantime I have chosen to love who I see in the mirror instead of feeling depressed when I walk pass one!

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